10 team building activities to do virtually

In the span of a week the majority of us - at least those in non-essential services - have moved from bustling office spaces to the (surprisingly small!) confines of our homes. We’ve been cut off from our routines, separated from coworkers, and left to manage this new landscape without much guidance or time to adjust.

If you’re anything like me, you’re already beginning to feel the lack of human interaction. As salespeople, my team and I are avid extroverts and we usually perform best when in close proximity to one another.

To help ease the transition, we’ve come up with ten ways to keep team morale and cohesion high. These tips are all free, easy, and not especially time-consuming. Plus, you know, they’re actually pretty fun.

1. Share what you’re grateful for

This is something we’re trying to adopt ourselves, difficult as it may sometimes be to see a silver lining. At the beginning o...


The Politics of Talking Politics in the Office

Despite the political climate in which we’re currently enmeshed, talking politics in the office is still inexplicably taboo. You’d think that something so incredibly public – played out on TV screens and during family dinners across the country – would by now be acceptable office fodder. And yet, to announce your preferred party or to ally with a certain position is considered distasteful at best, offensive at worst. There is a reason for this – not everyone in an office will share the same beliefs, and mutual respect is at the foundation of any good workplace. Civility, politeness, and common courtesy cannot be overemphasized in a well-functioning office. But who does it benefit, to categorically ignore some of the most influential discussions of our time? Is this ‘silencing’ not more detrimental than considering the topics openly and respectfully? What we’re really asking is: should the office be a refuge from political dram...


Supreme Court Justices and the one type of Diversity everyone seems to ignore.

Every Supreme Court Justice before 1967 was a white man. That’s the year Thurgood Marshall was appointed the first African American Justice. Still, no women were voted in until 1981, when Sandra Day O’Connor claimed her spot on the court. Comparatively, today’s Supreme Court is impressively diverse.
  • Three women – Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1993), Sonia Sotomayor (2009), and Elena Kagan (2010) – offer a sharp female perspective, absent until 1981.
  • The addition of Clarence Thomas (1991) and Sonia Sotomayor (2009) provide much-needed representation for the African American and Hispanic communities, respectively.
  • Three of the nine sitting Justices are Jewish, the remaining six Roman Catholic.
So what’s the problem? It seems that in only fifty-odd years we’ve transformed the highest court in the land from a homogeneous slice of white bread into a representative panel of dynamic cultures, experiences, and perspectives. And yet ...


3 ways your company can #GoGreen (& how to lead the change)

Going green has never been more important - or more trendy. Every company, big and small, seems to be instating, pledging, or committing to some kind of environmental strategy. But you don’t need to wait for your company to jump on the bandwagon - you yourself have the power to effect real, meaningful change, starting at your own place of work. Whether you’re a CEO or a recent hire, everyone has a voice in this battle. Start small, create new policies, and follow through on your commitments. Here are 3 ways you can make positive change at your company today:

1. Push for reusable dishware

The office that eats together sticks together. At Proven RecruitingREAD MORE


You’re Invited: Proven Recruiting’s 6th Annual Golf Tournament!

Join us February 5 for a spirited round of golf with a cause! Proven Recruiting’s 6 Annual Charity Golf Tournament will be hosted at Maderas Golf Club in Poway, CA. Your donation – and much-anticipated participation! –  will help to uplift our shared community. Giving back to our local community has always been a top priority; over the past 10 years, Proven Recruiting has brought together 20+ companies – including AstraZeneca, Intuit, Wells Fargo, Chase/ADP, PwC, Viasat, and Popeyes – in an effort to support those among us who need it most. This year, we celebrate our 6th Annual Charity Golf Tournament by raising funds and awareness for Just In Time, a non-profit seeking to empower and support transition-age foster youth in achieving self-sufficiency and well-being. Registration ends January 29th. Click throug...


July Office Hours: Bring Your Job Search to Silo!


Calling all Job Seekers! Join us for Office Hours on Wednesday, July 23rd @SILO in Makers Quarter from 2:00 - 4:00 PM.

This month's open office session will be held at SILO in Makers Quarter during Bring Your Own Work (BYOW) Wednesday. This is an opportunity to get outside, shake up your job search and network with a new and [caption id="attachment_2642" align="alignright" width="150"]READ MORE


Job Fair Preview – GoFundMe


Who is GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is the most popular way for people to raise money online. Over $300M has been raised by our users for their personal causes - making GoFundMe a Top 500 Website in the USA based on traffic. Nearly 17 million unique people interact with GoFundMe each month, generating over 50 million pageviews. GoFundMe is a brand that people trust - known for its ease-of-use, real results and 5-minute customer service response times.

What's the office culture like in San Diego?

Why you’ll love it at GoFundMe

Job Fair Preview – Uber

Uber600400 Who are we? Uber is a fast growing tech startup that is revolutionizing transportation. We've been in operation since 2010 and have offices around the globe, in cities such as San Diego, LA, New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, and more! What's the deal?
  • You can earn up to $25+ per hour
  • Make money driving your own car
  • 24/7 flexible work schedule. Choose your own hours (Part-time or Full-time)
  • Complete transparency; see how much you earn per trip
  • Work iPhone provided by us
  • Get paid every week
  • Real fares (no donations)
Who are you?

Job Fair Preview – TakeLessons

Untitled-2-e1400879251409 On Friday, May 30 we are hosting San Diego’s first ever Graduation Party + Job Fair. Our goal is to connect recent grads with local businesses in a new and exciting way. For tickets and more information please visit sdgradparty.com. Located in sunny San Diego, California, TakeLessons is home to an amazing team of very unique individuals who exemplify the best in creativity, motivation and passion – for what we do, who we are, and where we want to go. We’re a VC-backed software technology company a...


Job Fair Preview – StayClassy

Untitled-2-01-e1400879992301 On Friday, May 30 we are hosting San Diego’s first ever Graduation Party + Job Fair. Our goal is to connect recent grads with local businesses in a new and exciting way. For tickets and more information please visit sdgradparty.com. Who is StayClassy? StayClassy is San Diego-based startup that develops fundraising & engagement software (SaaS) used by thousands of Nonprofits and Social Enterprise organizations. The company is also the host of the Classy Awards, the l...