You Can Stop Googling “how to avoid salary question”

Everyone’s least favorite interview question has been banned in California. Last month, Governor Jerry Brown signed into legislation a law prohibiting Hiring Managers, Employers, and Recruiters from asking any questions pertaining to past salary or benefits. The law, AB-168, aims to narrow the wage gap in California by eliminating a well-known source of racial and […]


Salary History is History: What You Need to Know as an Employer

Last week California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB-168 into law, effectively prohibiting Hiring Managers and Recruiters from enquiring about an applicant’s salary history. Following similar legislation in New York City, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, Delaware, Oregon Philadelphia (pending legal challenge) and California’s own San Francisco, AB-168 promises to minimize wage discrimination by leveling the playing field […]


How Diversity can make your Team Stronger

Search any business resource and you’ll find a handful of articles touting the benefits of “workplace diversity” – a term often thrown around without much regard for its real world implications. Reduced to a handy catch-all phrase used in place of real, institutional change, diversity can at times be more about appearing inclusive than actual […]


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