Salary History is History: What You Need to Know as an Employer

Last week California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB-168 into law, effectively prohibiting Hiring Managers and Recruiters from enquiring about an applicant’s salary history. Following similar legislation in New York City, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, Delaware, Oregon Philadelphia (pending legal challenge) and California’s own San Francisco, AB-168 promises to minimize wage discrimination by leveling the playing field […]


Remote Work 101: For Employers

The trend is here to stay: according to Global Workplace Analytics, “regular telecommuting grew 115% in the past decade, nearly 10 times faster than the rest of the workforce.” As workers look to integrate their personal and professional goals, working from home emerges as an intriguing but potentially problematic option for employers and employees alike. […]


Apples and Oranges: Picking the Best Candidate

You go into the hiring process well prepared – you’ve considered all aspects of the position, laid out a detailed list of job requirements and expectations, and set your standards for applicants appropriately. No facet of the position escapes you. Having established your requirements, you make the posting public – either by directly appealing to […]


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